Hello all,
I just wanted share my experience with Molly and Mark Thomas.

Last year, i was scrolling through my Facebook and passed a picture of the most gorgeous colt i have ever seen. I thought surely he wasn't for sale, but had to ask. Turned out, he was for sale! I asked Molly if she would be able to do payment arrangements, she did! And thus my adventure began. Molly sent me pictures and videos everytime i requested.. sometimes daily. I was so do excited to get this baby! She was so honest, sweet and knowledgeable throughout.  It wasnt long before i saw her other babies for sale, and long story short, i ended up with three babies, two brood mares and a trailer from Molly and mark.

I have owned horses most of my life, but the breeding/papered horses were a whole new world to me. Molly was extremely patient with me, answered all of my questions to the best of her knowledge all hours of the day. One of the fillies i purchased ended up needing surgery, Molly and Mark also took care of that before the babies arrived, free of charge to me. I was also given their veterinarians phone number to call if i wanted.

During the time i was making payments to Molly and Mark, the dreaded Covid19 Virus started. And thus some of my payments ran behind. Molly and Mark were the most compassionate people ever. They even let me work off some of my debt on their farm. I had a blast!

All of Molly and Mark's horses are extremely well cared for, and not only that, they are LOVED.  I was very impressed with their operation.  

Molly and Mark are friends forever in my book.  Its hard to find honest people in this world these days, Molly and Mark have hearts of gold. I cannot put into words how grateful i am that i chose them to work with, and i will continue to recommend them to everyone i know.
Thanks for reading!

Erika Sadler

Over the past year, we have had several delightful business dealings with Mark and Molly Thomas.  They purchased a stallion from us which included two breedings to their King bred stallion.  Our mares were treated extremely well and we are pleased to announce we are expecting two King foals in the spring!  Thank you Mark and Molly. Wishing you the best of luck with your breeding program.

Bob & Pat Ward
 Chisum Quarter Horses

We here at D Bar Quarter Horses in Henderson Texas believe in the type of program that Mark and Molly Thomas have developed at Rocking M Lazy T Quarter Horses.  We knew that WWR King Gist HRH was destined to be a great great sire of performance and breeding horses.  We were delighted that Mark and Molly purchased him when we decided to sell. King is the type of horse that you can build a foundation breeding program around. 

Joe and Sue Duran

Last fall we were on the hunt for a high percentage King P-234 stud that was taking outside mares. We found WWR King Gist HRH and Molly, and were so excited to fill the last 5 spots they had open for the 2020 spring breeding. Molly was a joy to work with and helpful throughout the process. We stayed in touch through the winter and then came time to make the haul to Oklahoma from Arizona. Molly was so kind and checked in with us the entire trip. Upon arrival we were greeted with a great crew! Molly, Ethan, and Madison helped us get unloaded and get our mares situated. Then we got to meet King! Let me tell you what, pictures don’t do this stud justice!! He is absolutely gorgeous and has a great personality. Mark and Molly took great care of our mares for the two months they were there. We got constant updates on when our mares were exposed, confirmed bred, or if they required a different breeding path. One mare in particular had a hard time getting bred, Molly was again great, and with the help of her vet figured out how to successfully get her bred. Molly also sent us pictures of our girls the entire time. We are absolutely ecstatic to say that we are expecting 5 King babies come spring 2021! It’ll be a long wait but so worth it! We are so glad to of met Mark and Molly, not only for WWR King Gist HRH, but we also came out of this with a great friendship.

Tom and Brittany Wade
 Bridle Bit Ranch